[Linux-aus] Pronounciation guide - Lie-nix or Lynix?

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Thu Dec 18 12:13:01 UTC 2003

<quote who="Caroline Gordon">

> I always thought the correct way to pronounce Linux is with the "i" short
> like "in". It seems most of the world use a long i as in bifold.
> Just interested if there is any consensus amongst you guys what is
> "correct"

An old client of mine, who got into this stuff pretty heavily [1] explained
it to his boss as: "Lin as in Windows, ux as in Sucks". That seemed to work
for him. :-)

- Jeff (not in the habit of flaming Windows)

[1] Who has subsquently left his job and is doing FOSS consulting in the
same market. Cool!

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