[Linux-aus] Computerworld: Linux 'not ready' for enterprise IT

Brent Wallis (IS) brent at wallis.id.au
Tue Aug 12 11:23:39 UTC 2003

Appologies to all....my last post was devoid of comment...slip of the mouse.:-)

I am a recent Grad (3 yrs ago) from CQU, and this article disappoints me in several ways, not the least of which are:

- CQU was always Linux orientated...in fact, they were running Sysadmin courses on Linux as far back as '96

- It displays a complete aboput face for a CQU person in that it displays a lack of continued learning on the part of this so called sysadmin. Continued learning and the keeping "up to date" was always a cornerstone of their IT courses when I attended.

>  Andrew Whyte, corporate systems administrator at Central Queensland
>  University (CQU), said Linux is not ready to run high-end systems
>  because of the lack of vendor support and frequent kernel updates.

If he is using Debian, an admirable Linux distro, I would tend to agree, but what about RedHat? Don;t get me wrong, Debian suits a variety of situations, but if you have a large set of servers to keep up, then the RH choicxe could be better in terms of workload for a sysadmin. That being said though, a good Debian centric admin would have a plan in place and apt-get at their disposal to address this so called issue.

>  "Our experience with Linux was problematic due to the lack of vendor
>  software updates," Whyte said. "We are missing out on the latest
>  Linux features because the commercial software we are using can't
>  keep up with the kernel development. 
>Hence, we are locked in to older
>  versions."

What this really says to me is:
"I don;t know what I am doing... I don;t keep myself updated as to what is out there, and I would rather participate in some "deferred blame" to protect my own ass"

These are the comments of an amateur "family IT guru"... not a sysadmin in a University whose Linux offerings, when I attended, exceeded those of an RHCE course.


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