[Linux-aus] Computerworld: Linux 'not ready' for enterprise IT

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Tue Aug 12 11:38:01 UTC 2003


> If he is using Debian, an admirable Linux distro, I would tend to agree,
> but what about RedHat? Don;t get me wrong, Debian suits a variety of
> situations, but if you have a large set of servers to keep up, then the RH
> choicxe could be better in terms of workload for a sysadmin. That being
> said though, a good Debian centric admin would have a plan in place and
> apt-get at their disposal to address this so called issue.

I have had to downgrade a good number of RedHat servers or hold them back
because of RedHat's rather broken RPM dependency issues. People who say that
"you can't use [name some such distribution]" in the enterprise generally

 1) Have a religious love of another distribution
 2) Have no real knowledge of the distribution that's allegedly not good
 3) Have opened their mouth before thinking and/or put foot in such mouth

A person not familiar with a particular distribution is obviously going to
take longer than a person familiar with it. That's no indication of whether
a particular distribution is a "better choice in terms of workload" fo ra

I postulate this null hypothesis:

 "That the Debian packaging system--with its configuration tools, priority
levels and in-built dependency handling--coupled with a tightly controlled,
peer reviewed, open source repository is flawed and likely to increase a
system administrator's workload."

Now, go prove it...


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