[Linux-aus] Legal Eagle question

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Mon Aug 11 15:34:02 UTC 2003


> But for a few obvious exceptions (Jeremy Malcolm, and a Family Court 
> lawyer called Penelope Keeley from Clairs Keeley come to mind), I'd be 
> tempted to consider that term to be an oxymoron. (-:

This is the crux though. The lawyers have to play the following game:

 MAXIMISE RETURN with the following parameters:

  * likelihood of success
  * likelihood of failure
  * gullibility of client

It's not always in a lawyer's best interest to close a case or pursue a case
which is likely to succeed. True, representing Mr Brooks in Case X where I
might win is nice, but if I represent Mr Srookb in Case Y which Mr Srookb
loses might actually make ME as a layer richer.

The law is an ass.

Ideally, lawyers would be a resource that is free for all but then I picture
a society which will sue you for waking up, regardless of whether that's the
right thing to do.


I wonder if we'll ever develop a better system than this rather inane,
capitalistic, maximise one's gain thing we have.

Ce soir je vais coucher avec un chouchou!
 Oh la la!

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