[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au 2014 Financials

Anthony Towns aj at erisian.com.au
Sun Jun 1 19:42:13 EST 2014

On 1 June 2014 10:10, Hugh Blemings <hugh at blemings.org> wrote:
> The previous Perth conference was held in 2003 and was the third LCA,
> fourth if one includes CALU.  It would have returned an at least modest
> profit, but I'll defer to others to quantify same.

My recollection is LCA2003 was something on the order of $50-$100k in
the black. I can't find any reliable sources to back that up though;
and we didn't have remotely as competent reporting then as we do now,
so even if my recollection was right, the calculations at the time
could have been wrong. The 2003 team did a really good job of getting
sponsors and promoting the conference.

> I seem to recall we had a fairly decent turnout, subjectively I'd
> remember it being around the same as 2014, but in reality I'd venture it
> was lower.  There were less talk tracks (three I think).

I think the attendee numbers were ~300 for LCA2002 (Brisbane), ~400
for LCA2003 (Perth), ~500 for LCA2004 (Adelaide).


Anthony Towns <aj at erisian.com.au>

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