[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au 2014 Financials

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Sun Jun 1 10:10:21 EST 2014

Hi Bret, All,

> Anyway, my response to the original message posted in this thread,
> is this query;
> Given that a previous such conference was held in Perth, what was
> the financial outcome of the previous such conference that was held
> in Perth, compared to this one, and, how did the number of attendees,
>  compare, between the two conferences hosted in Perth?

A good question, thankyou - I can only offer an informal answer off the
top of my head as someone who attended both events.

The previous Perth conference was held in 2003 and was the third LCA,
fourth if one includes CALU.  It would have returned an at least modest
profit, but I'll defer to others to quantify same.

I seem to recall we had a fairly decent turnout, subjectively I'd
remember it being around the same as 2014, but in reality I'd venture it
was lower.  There were less talk tracks (three I think).

So only a partial answer, but I'm sure someone from 2003 and/or the LA 
committee of that era can fill in the gaps.


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