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The 112% is the number of linux based broadband subscribers... they estimate that the linux community will uptake broadband at double the rate of MS users... mainly (as I am reading from the doc here) because '... the linux based community embrace new technologies at a faster rate than their MS cousins. ... The linux based community understand the need for, and the implementation of broadband technology and generally have the knowledge to accomodate it's inclusion in their daily lives.'

The setup of a broadband isp costs less than $50,000 if done right. the redback SMS (Subscriber management System) costs around US$9000 and will support the first 1100-1200 users (is rated for up to 2000 however in real world use I have rarely seen one handle above 1200) (at 1200 users your intake would be $60-75000 per month) The big slug is of course the $25-30K to telstra for a years use of their ATM network (aDSL is usually concentrated by the telstra alcatel DSLAMS, and the traffic sent via ATM to the non-telstra ISP's) Management of the systems is relatively easy... One ISP I consulted for in the UK had 5 it-literate technicians who worked rotating shifts... When they initially set-up they had two!... the firm traded under 4 seperate names (and so in effect appeared to be four seperate ISP's to the public) but was run from a room in an office block which was no bigger than my garage... ten desks... 5 techies and 5 phone staff... cost them around AU$100,000 to initially 
 setup and advertise the four ISP's, and a further AU$100,000 when they got big enough... more than 1200 users... to buy a bigger redback SMS capable of handling 10,000 users)
A lot of the ISP's and hosting firms set up in this way now... they 'host' under several different trading names... eg: telstra actually trade under the bigpond name, and three of the directors trade... using telstra's kit... under two different ISP names... I'll leave you to run some trace tests on each ISP to find out which two... but shall we say that one of them is a major advertising player and has about 17% of the broadband marketshare according to the documents I was given....

Swiftdsl has two ISP trading names... and TPG trade under one other name... 

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