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Karl Clements phoenix at austnet.org
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The problem with hosting in AU is telstra and their costs, which is why
people put it off shore which keeps the costs high (vicious

I would love to see the site hosted in AU, if you hadn't made the offer
i would have put it up in the US.

The idea of a LUG ISP sounds great, how ever I doubt anyone in this area
would be able to fund such a thing which is unfortunate. I currently use
Internode for my broadband adsl, they support linux maybe contacting
them about it might be an idea, especially because they are really into
new initatives and stuff.

The idea of the linux userbase growing 112% in 2 years is appealling but
i find it somewhat unrealistic at this stage, however that might be my
cynasism kicking in.

I know a few people who would prefer AU hosting if they could get it for
the right price.

PS: I forwarded the other email and replied this to the list

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Karl Clements

<reply who="Scott McLachlan" date="Sat, 22 Nov 2003

> Hi
> I didn't actually send my last email to Karl to the list, so maybe you
> could forward it to the list pls Karl (the one about hosting options
> etc)
> I am more than happy to give a CHLug website some airtime and space
> both on the hosting centre I helped build in UK (I am on the IT mgmnt
> board and have several servers in the network assigned for my *needs*)
> and on my cluster here in Coffs.
> One thing that might be worth investigating...
> If anyone knows anyone with the funding available to set up a
> broadband ISP (I have built two for other firms, and have very
> intricate knowledge of the equipment rules set by Telstra and BT, the
> costings, and general workings of same) then the capacity is there to
> build a LUG-ISP. I was passed some assessment docs recently by a
> friend who works in a tier1 firm in canberra and sydney that showed
> that at present linux users make up 37000 of the 560000 present
> broadband users. Linux users are set to increase by an estimated 112%
> in the next two years (meaning that in two years time there will be
> almost 100000 linux based ADSL users) Even 1% of this market would be
> a turnover close to $65000 per month. At present ISP support for linux
> users is slim... (even though they use Linux and unix based servers
> for most of their internal functions they don't like to have to employ
> unix-smart phone support staff to actually manage the support role...
> people with windows experience only come
>   far more readily and at a much cheaper cost.... *MSidiots*)
> I have most of the knowledge, some of the connections, and access to
> the systems... just not the funding to make it happen all that quick.
> I have approached two ISP's with respect to setting up an ISP 'under'
> them which closely supports linux users, and ties in with the linux
> community (and other 'communities') and whilst they both were happy to
> support it with good digital upline connectivity (at a price) neither
> actually wanted anything to do with the actual setup...  shame
> Also, it is fair to note (and this is the reason I am building a small
> hosting centre locally) that subsidised hosting for such things as
> other linux based organisations, and other charitable organisations is
> severely lacking... a stream of new hosting firms in Sydney are
> offering $11.00 per month accounts with bugger all support, bugger all
> space and bandwidth, and they actually host out of germany and
> denmark... not local here in Aus.
> I already have over 2 dozen charitable organisations (community based
> radio station was the first, now I have several of them based on
> reccomendation from first, as well as a childrens charity and such)
> who host out of my UK based servers, and who want to be hosted from my
> Aus-local servers. This week 4 australian webhosts (small new
> outfits)signed a 3 year agreement to be built and supported by me (out
> of Coffs... all on linux platforms) Offering their corporate clients
> cut price broadband services from a LUG ISP would bring in an untold
> stream of new corporate customers... most of whom will be lucky if
> they use email... left alone any serious bandwidth..
> any ideas? 
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