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Internode is retail arm for Agile Internet Services. Who are working on
rolling out their own DSLAM's they have done 1 or 2 so far just not

Linux users take up new tech faster typically because they are not
locked into a vendor and because they know what they are doing, which is
part of why I enjoy my linux so much.

Raising 50K could be interesting, although you would want to raise more
for some breathing space.

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<reply who="Scott McLachlan" date="Sat, 22 Nov 2003 20:49:06 -0500">

> The 112% is the number of linux based broadband subscribers... they
> estimate that the linux community will uptake broadband at double the
> rate of MS users... mainly (as I am reading from the doc here) because
> '... the linux based community embrace new technologies at a faster
> rate than their MS cousins. ... The linux based community understand
> the need for, and the implementation of broadband technology and
> generally have the knowledge to accomodate it's inclusion in their
> daily lives.'
> The setup of a broadband isp costs less than $50,000 if done right.
> the redback SMS (Subscriber management System) costs around US$9000
> and will support the first 1100-1200 users (is rated for up to 2000
> however in real world use I have rarely seen one handle above 1200)
> (at 1200 users your intake would be $60-75000 per month) The big slug
> is of course the $25-30K to telstra for a years use of their ATM
> network (aDSL is usually concentrated by the telstra alcatel DSLAMS,
> and the traffic sent via ATM to the non-telstra ISP's) Management of
> the systems is relatively easy... One ISP I consulted for in the UK
> had 5 it-literate technicians who worked rotating shifts... When they
> initially set-up they had two!... the firm traded under 4 seperate
> names (and so in effect appeared to be four seperate ISP's to the
> public) but was run from a room in an office block which was no bigger
> than my garage... ten desks... 5 techies and 5 phone staff... cost
> them around AU$100,000 to initially 
>  setup and advertise the four ISP's, and a further AU$100,000 when
>  they got big enough... more than 1200 users... to buy a bigger
>  redback SMS capable of handling 10,000 users)
> A lot of the ISP's and hosting firms set up in this way now... they
> 'host' under several different trading names... eg: telstra actually
> trade under the bigpond name, and three of the directors trade...
> using telstra's kit... under two different ISP names... I'll leave you
> to run some trace tests on each ISP to find out which two... but shall
> we say that one of them is a major advertising player and has about
> 17% of the broadband marketshare according to the documents I was
> given....
> Swiftdsl has two ISP trading names... and TPG trade under one other
> name... 
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