[Cbsupport] Problem K3B DVD Error

tastatem at tadaust.org.au tastatem at tadaust.org.au
Fri Feb 23 14:56:01 UTC 2007


I recently bought a computer from cbv, and am having problems with k3b.

I choose the option Copy DVD and it seems to successfully create an iso 
image by displaying a tick followed by the message: Successfully read 
DVD source.

Then it displays the error: X unable to eject media.

I can get around this by selecting Burn DVD ISO image, and just select 
the image I made via the procedure above to burn a DVD.
I am wondering is there a way to fix k3b so that when i select Copy 
DVD,  it ejects the DVD after reading it so that I can put in a blank 
DVD and burn it in the same procedure, rather than getting the above 
error message and having to close DVD Copy and open Burn DVD ISO image 
to burn the DVD.

The same problem occurs when I select Copy CD.

I noticed that under Settings->Configure k3b->Programs, Title: Setup 
External Programs;
the following programs are not found:
tccat, tcdecode, tcextract, tcprobe, tcscan, transcode. Does this have 
anything to do with my problem?

I am Using a :Lite-on DVDRW SHM-165P65, K3b 0.12.15

I have looked at sources on the net but none seem to clarify this problem.


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