[Cbsupport] Which Distro?

Derek Vanderkruk Derek.Vanderkruk at i-solutions.net.au
Mon Jun 21 10:44:02 UTC 2004

Which distro is best to use for CB purposes?
I am having another go at getting CB Cairns off the ground but don't have a lot of time to put into research/testing.
The pc's are primarily PII - 200 and PII 400 with 32/64mb ram 6gb hdd.
I need something I can load quickly and not have to spend time configuring. 
(If I don't go back to my office space soon I might lose it - or maybe I already have)
PS. If anyone knows of a LUG any further north than Townsville, please let me know. (Townsville LUG have yet to respond to my post from over a month ago)
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