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Roland Bernett uralla at ctcnsw.net.au
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Hi Derek


You will get a number of responses to you question. As an experienced
newbie with Linux, I have observed there is another dimension to this
which I consider is important to take into account. This is the
background of the person making the suggestion. One group who love
tinkering with Linux will say Debian is the best for CB purposes. It can
be configured to run well on a PII - 200 BUT Debian has poor to very
poor hardware support and can cause a lot of angst. My advice is steer
clear of this distribution - the community support can be variable
depending on the personality of the person you are dealing with. As an
example of great hardware recognition Lindows (now Linspire) is amazing
- it seems to be able to recognise most hardware (video, monitor and
network) as it is trying to be as good as Windows XP and will get you on
the internet almost painlessly. Except for a brief period of time in the
past, it is now not a free product.


So what to choose. You will need a minimum of 64 MB RAM for the GUI's to
run acceptably - speedwise. With some distros the GUI will not be
installed if there is less than 64 MB RAM. Red Nat and Mandrake are
still appear to be the most popular choices at the moment. On balance
they will give you the least trouble of the distros. But be warned there
are unpredictable problems that can arise.







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Which distro is best to use for CB purposes?


I am having another go at getting CB Cairns off the ground but don't
have a lot of time to put into research/testing.


The pc's are primarily PII - 200 and PII 400 with 32/64mb ram 6gb hdd.


I need something I can load quickly and not have to spend time

(If I don't go back to my office space soon I might lose it - or maybe I
already have)





PS. If anyone knows of a LUG any further north than Townsville, please
let me know. (Townsville LUG have yet to respond to my post from over a
month ago)

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