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Chris Guiver guiverc at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 13:33:02 UTC 2004


I read

>QN: Does anybody know if there are any issues with newer hard
>drives on older type motherboards (ie PII class systems?).

I happily put new hard drives on old machines (far older than a PII); the 
only problems that I've come across are BIOS and what it accepts as 
number_trks, number_heads, etc, ie. the sizes of values they accept (ie. 4 
bits were common for old drives & head_count; meaning max size was 16 
heads); but software exists (even in later BIOS's) to change parameters to 
that the machine will accept.

At worst; you'll end up with say a 40Gb drive being treated as a 8.4Gb drive 
(as a BIOS on a 486 can't accept bigger than that); but software drivers 
exist to get around this anyway; or you can partition the drive as many 
8.4Gb drives; being a PII you'll not have this problem anyway).

>If there are no issues, then, you could probably put the drive on
>the cable that your current hard drive is plugged onto (ie taking
>the other hard drive out), or, if you have another ide cable and
>connector - you could put both hard drives in. I don't think you
>can put the hard drive on the same cable even if there is space
>because the access speeds will probably be different. ??

If access speeds are different - most BIOS' will accept & cope with this; 
but the disadvantage to this is to cope - they operate (generally) BOTH 
drives at the SLOWER speed - so it's a trade off; do you want the extra 
space (my usual choice) or want to the speed (using on the larger drive).

If the cable only accept one IDE device; buy a new cable - they can be 
purchased new for around $5 for most computer stores (you may get it 
cheaper; many places have spares lying around).

Sorry I don't know your computer - nor the hard drive you made mention of - 
I'd believe it'd install without problems (that can't be solved anyway), but 
it's this is my opinion. Most of my drives (if purchased) these days come 
from a computer store (2nd hand) near the camera shops (sorry, memory is not 
my strong point (ABI); I think Elizabeth St, north of Bourke corner; west 
side of Elizabeth); they sell IDE drives from $10-$30, SCSI from $20-$40. 
Drives & other hardware are those taken out of traded-in machines and come 
with 30 day warranty. If you're unsure; this may be an option (cheaper 
drive, less risk).

A book I purchased may help; was "Linux Hardware", thick (blue cover) book 
around 800+ pages (sorry can't find it; not in the bookcase as I've been 
using it rebuilding machines), which covers all this and more. Cost me $5 
from the book store opposite RMIT that sell off computer books at bargain 
prices (Collins Booksellers; checked the bag for that, Swanston St I think, 
north of LaTrobe, west side of LaTrobe). Of course they may be all sold; at 
that price they wouldn't have lasted long.

My thoughts anyway - Chris Guiver (guiverc at dodo.com.au, guiverc at hotmail.com)


>Deb&Max wrote:
> > HI All
> > Office works is selling  a Maxtor 80GB Retail Hard Drive Kit for $149
> > with Installation instructions for DIY.  It has an Ultra ATA/133
> > interfacing.
> >
> > I was wondering, If I bought something like this could I install it on
> > my Linux 2.3
> > GB  and if so how like can I just follow th instructions.  As in would I
> > piggy back it or would I remove the other one and replace it and would I
> > need to reinstall Knoppix or what.  Or is it just beyond my means and
> > would I need to take the box into Computerbank and get them to do it and
> > can they deal with Maxtor.  I don't necessarily want 80GB, 20GB would be
> > plenty I was reading the Catalogue and saw this one and thought it a
> > good price.

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