[Cbsupport] Re: hard drive

hortnfash hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Tue Jun 15 15:25:02 UTC 2004

Hi Daniel & Kylie

> I actually beleive that a modern drive would have problems in that 
> machine.  I think that pentium class hardware could only support up to 
> 20 gig or so (although i could be wrong on that exact size).  I'll do 
> a bit of googling tonight, there has to be some definite answer out 
> there.

Is there a smaller one that you can recommend and where would I look to 
buy it?

I see these on Special through Dick Smith, Tandy and Office Works regulary
I actually would be happy with 10 but 20 would be great. I really don't 
need more.  It seems to be hard to find smaller new hard drives and I 
don't want to muck around with 2nd hand as the new ones have 
instructions with them

> Word of warning: If you have a Compaq computer - they can be very 
> difficult to work with when installing hard drives due to (sometimes) 
> weird case fit outs.  :) 

Yes its a compaq

> If you stick the new drive where the old drive is...you should be able 
> to install Knoppix to the hard drive.

Yes I guess I would have to replace the hard drive

>> I will forward a guide (in draft form) for the installation of 
>> Knoppix 3.4 on Computerbank systems so that you can be better informed.
There looks like there are issuses with 3.4 installing as it is meant 
only as a "Live CD" but I still have 3.3 which works well
thanks for the responses

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