[Cbsupport] CBV Debian

Maxwell & de Brouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Sep 5 08:44:45 UTC 2003

Kylie Wrote:

> Our install of Debian is customised, it doesnt contain everything you 
> get with a full cd set. It is made up from a debian base install with 
> additional packages. The additional packages are decided on the basis 
> of need (eg basic wordprocessor = abiword), or in other arbitary ways 
> (someone liked game x, or someone thought x would be handy). It was 
> built by our volunteer developers to address lower end systems with 
> smaller hard disks.
> At the moment we are looking at updating and reducing (program wise) 
> our customised debian. The way we are deciding, this time, is by 
> looking at what we currently offer and asking what can be removed? All 
> suggestions are appreciated... What programs do you find useful? Not 
> so useful?

Dear Kylie

thanks for that very informative
I wonder and it could be a lot of trouble if  maybe you came up with 4 
1 As is for a family with children all ages
2 One focused at families with Teenagers
3 Adult couples who want the net and Openoffice
4 Hi tech users

I personally found  too many games but then we are a couple

I suppose suggestions could come in on what people think is the
most reliabel and useful programs and find out what isn't even being used
Dial Up
desk top
Multi Media
I like Mozilla and Open Office ppconfig Icewm
I hated Tux Paint

that sort of thing

this is only a suggestion

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