[Cbsupport] CBV Debian

Kylie Davies mailkylie at optushome.com.au
Thu Sep 4 19:56:02 UTC 2003

HI Avery,

Our install of Debian is customised, it doesnt contain everything you 
get with a full cd set. It is made up from a debian base install with 
additional packages. The additional packages are decided on the basis of 
need (eg basic wordprocessor = abiword), or in other arbitary ways 
(someone liked game x, or someone thought x would be handy). It was 
built by our volunteer developers to address lower end systems with 
smaller hard disks.

At the moment we are looking at updating and reducing (program wise) our 
customised debian.  The way we are deciding, this time, is by looking at 
what we currently offer and asking what can be removed? All suggestions 
are appreciated...  What programs do you find useful? Not so useful?

> What are the benfits of this and are there any negatives to this 

At the moment, the systems, are very hard to upgrade. This, as you have 
experienced, is hard to do from our version and can  break things. 



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

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