[Cbsupport] CBV Debian

Maxwell & de Brouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Tue Sep 2 19:31:01 UTC 2003

I was told that Computerbank Victoria' s debian is different to ther 
Debian you might purchace on CD or Download

I'm curious how they are different and how do you come up with the 
outcome to make it different?
I heard that CBV's has a lot of experimental programs and other things on it

What are the benfits of this and are there any negatives to this

One I was told was that you can't do an  get install upgrade

You know now me I just like to know all the ins and outs of things

I thought maybe as you give out smaller hdd tha maybe its a way of 
fitting things on or maybe your get more OpenSource non Debian for more 
Variety.  I'd really like to know

thank you

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