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Romana Challans romana at timelady.com
Fri Sep 5 09:16:02 UTC 2003


what you suggest is something we are constantly discussing here wth the
SA build. We are also roadtesting mandrake, to give us further options.

As ever, the biggest hurdle is time/personpower. Volunteers only have so
much time to spare after all:) 

We are currently supplying 'test' mandrake install boxes to some
volunteers with little linux experience (and in some cases, little puter
experience). the wftd guys are also playing with redhat and mandrake
distros as well as debian. pete and i are discussing several customised
builds as you suggest. we've been discussing it for ages. its just there
is so much else to do!

all unpaid time draining stuff, unfortunately. im lucky i can sit here
ithe kids, with baby asleep on me, and do a lot of it. but a lot i need
both hands and concentration for - and THATS hard lol!

but your suggestion of recipients and other participants rating
applications etc would help ENORMOUSLY. thats a huge time drain - and it
makes sense for the users to provide. personally, i use command line
more and more for everything, so i loathe guis atm!


On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 10:11, Maxwell & de Brouwer wrote:

> Dear Kylie
> thanks for that very informative
> Suggestion
> I wonder and it could be a lot of trouble if  maybe you came up with 4 
> Variations
> 1 As is for a family with children all ages
> 2 One focused at families with Teenagers
> 3 Adult couples who want the net and Openoffice
> 4 Hi tech users
> I personally found  too many games but then we are a couple
> I suppose suggestions could come in on what people think is the
> most reliabel and useful programs and find out what isn't even being used
> Browser
> Office
> Video
> Dial Up
> desk top
> Multi Media
> Camera
> Paint
> etc
> I like Mozilla and Open Office ppconfig Icewm
> I hated Tux Paint
> that sort of thing
> this is only a suggestion
> Avery
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