[Cbsupport] Network Card and Sound Card

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Oct 31 01:16:02 UTC 2003

Do I have a Network Card?  Is so where would I look to find out what it 
is and where it is
I looked in the box but I couldn't tell?
If I do what programs would you use with it? linneighbourhood?

I think my sound card is Creative Technologies Vibra 16 (1994)
without Opening the box and checking.  It did not configure with Knoppix
Is this a difficult one to support?
I moved it up one level in the box but that did not help

If my memory serves me right the CBV Workbench changed the Interupt (I 
think to 7 I think)
How would you change the Interupt I image that ypu bring up a 
Konsole/Term/shell and maybe go root and I guess you type something in 
to change the Interupt.  what would that be please?\

Do you need to know the other Interupts I can find them out in Info 
Center/ Interupts 7 and 5 don't seem to be used
This something I don't know how to do but would like to do it myself.  I 
assume that I can't print and listen to music at the same time again.  
this is not even important but I would like to know how to do it
thanks Avery

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