[Cbsupport] GUI another way to ascess your floppy

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Oct 31 00:56:01 UTC 2003

Ok this is a posting not a thinly vailed atempt to ask for help
I have an answer that works, I don't wnat to know differently at the moment

The point of this if one thing doesn't work another thing might

When I installed Knoppix/Debian it seem that the icon on the desktop 
floppy worked
Now it doesn't and getting a update I might have broke it

As another option as Konsole mnt/floppy didn't work either

I went KStart/System/Info Center/Storage Devices
I discovered that if you click on floppy after inserting it you can then 
mount it and if you click again after that you can open up a file 
manager and then acess what is on the floppy or click and drag and drop 
something in there
Rember to close everything and then click floppy again and you can 
unmount from there
Wait for all the lights around the floppy stop before you eject the floppy

another handy GUI tip

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