[Cbsupport] Support Cameras GUI Debian

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Oct 31 00:08:02 UTC 2003

> Hi
> I hope this doesn't get bumped off the list for being to big
> Anyway funny this as my next GUI posting it was on Cameras supported 
> by Debian this often comes up as a request
> So I was going to say left button click(kde) KStart/Settings/Control 
> Center/Pheripherals/Digital Cameras
> Click on the Camera Icon and the list pops up
>            (Icewm) Icewm 
> Start/Applications/System/KControl/Pheripherals/Digital Camera
> I've spent hours typing this out and its from my Knoppix CD so it 
> could be different to other distros.
> This may not be accurate with my typing either and I don't claim this 
> to be true and accurate nor uptodate
> This is a starting pint and a guide which you may print off to take 
> bargin hunting
> I saw a Dolphin Jazz I've looked at at Dick Smith and the Version has 
> a flash but its not on the list
> You will have to check it yourself to see whether it is serial or USB
> Funny I was doing this whilst Kylie Posted
> cheers Avery 

It did get booted for being to big
Ok I have typed out the list viewed as above
If you want it email me off list and I will send it to you its about 350 
Cameras I've saved it as RTF
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