[Cbsupport] GUI watching your harddrive

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Wed Oct 29 21:46:01 UTC 2003

Hi Everyone
If you have a small Hardrive like me and not in the position to get a 
bigger one like me
You may want to keep a watch on the size of your hardrive and get help 
before it gets to big

I have 3.2 GB hdd ide
The Knoppix I loaded takes up about 3 GB Its about 80% full
If you get to 95% It will go critical and you need to remove things

If you use pppconfig you may want to check in Advanced that you you have 
debug disabled

You can watch your hardrive in 2 ways GUI

Either you can go KStart/System/MorePrograms/KDiskFree

or you can go KStart/Info Center/ Storage Devices this will show you 
where you are at.

If you get above 95% you may have trouble booting up again and get a 
modprobe error.

This where Knoppix could be useful as a boot up or rescue disk
Remember you can buy one from Computerbank
Take note that image files like .bmp or .jpeg or.png etc can take up 
lots of room So get them off if you start getting tight fits.  I 
personally have decide not to save very much on the hardrive and am 
saving to floppies instead I am also keeping my emails at a limit (I use 
Mozilla)  I have also tighten up the cache in Konqueror and Mozilla to 
very low

so from experience watch the Harddrive and get help before you get to 94%
regards Avery
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