[Cbsupport] Change or creat Icons the GUI way

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Wed Oct 29 21:28:02 UTC 2003

Hello Everyone


Have you used this?
Its very easy.

I have found in my limited experience that the Icons seem to like to be 

When we had 2 Users (this time we have gone for one)
I downloaded photos pictures of us from the net and Opened them in KIcon 
and saved them as .png
and placed them on our USER Log on You need root password to that I'll 
get to that later

You can also do a google image search and download pictures and save 
them and Open them in KIcon and save them as a .png like you could use 
your modem dialup Icon and change it to a phone.  Ok I don't know the 
legals but don't send them to anyone as they may be copyright.  You can 
take your own photos with a digital or scan something in and use that

Ok changing the Icon Right button click on Icon
Left button click on Properities and then left button click on the 
picture of the Icon in properties you get a selction of Icons to choose 
from already there or left button click the radio button for other Icons 
and then click browse.  I hope you remember where you saved your new 
.png images
Click Ok for Properties Select Icon and your done you have changed your Icon

Now changing the picture of the head in User Log In
KStart/Settings/Control Center/ System Administrator/Login Manager
Hey guess what you need your root password again
Click with left button on Adminstrator mode lower left hand  a pop 
Window is where you put in your root password before you click go/OK 
look at the URL location to get an idea where this is
then click with left button on Users you can then click the picture and 
change it.
So you remember where you saved it?
then click apply on the bottom right hand of the screen and you are done

You can change other things here too but I'll save them for another time

GUI an alternative to Command lines

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