[Cbsupport] Xhat #Computerbank Connected

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Sat May 31 19:05:01 UTC 2003


I have a completely new and different Xchat than before
it looks and acts differently to the one previously
I have the instructions on both sides ie David's and mine

In the older version everything was on the left
now some is on the left

The old one I had to add ircfreenode and dcomputerbank under irc I think

This on irc is already there on debian it took me a while to find it

I managed to set it up on David's side before mine

I only had to add the #compuerbank chanel

and it connects instantly

I did manage to work it out for myself
It was only a comment in my review of my new debian sid
I was not asking for help it was different and threw me a bit

thanks for the instructions again anyway

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