[Cbsupport] pppconfig port speed comment

deBrouwer&Maxwell hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Sat May 31 08:14:01 UTC 2003


There are lots of therories on this but I have talked to dodo ISP
Telstra ISP
Telstra Phone
Telstra Tech
Optus Phone
 the opion form the above is that the port speed which is the speed the 
computer receives and sends information through the port at _maxium_ rate

should be 11520 not 57600 unless you have a very old computer or very 
old ports

It may be a good idea to check with Computerbank what your port speeds 
would be

but the information I was given also by some LUV members is that is 
different to the speed of the modem which for me is 56K

You can slow the speed of the modem done elsewhere but I wouldn't slow 
the speed of the port down

i have a new replacement modem my port speed is 11520 and my modem speed 
is at factory settings but I know I have a brilliant line I have had a 
molds test by telstra we have very few hours and are on for 6-18 hours. 
 If the line had a problem I would drop the speed of the modem not the 
speed of the pot

Ok this is a personal opinon on reasearch I have done
I know there will be a lot of disagrrement here
So do your own research and make up your own mind and check out your 
port age I don't know how to do that

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