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Robert Misior misior at salem.edu
Fri Oct 1 23:01:02 UTC 2004


I would say that it still all depends on what you are trying to do ( I 
guess knowing what is possible is the key)
Here are some links that I  find useful: "C++ Beyond the Standard 
and this page has some usefully links: 
If you are interested in GUI development I would recommend Qt 
http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/index.html it is a lot more then just a GUI 
API, reminds me a lot of java :) with many standard objects. Or a pure 
open source GUI API  http://www.wxwindows.org/
If you are interested in graphics there is the classic OpenGL, or game 
development SDL http://www.libsdl.org/index.php (these two are C API but 
you can use them from C++)

I'm also interested to see what will other members of this list  recommend.

Hope this helps,

Pavao, John C. wrote:

> Since no mailing list is really complete without the occasional idiot 
> newbie question...  :-)
> I've been lurking this list for several months because I'm trying to 
> teach myself C++, but I certainly admit the list is out of my league. 
> As for trying to learn C++, I'm only able to get so far when it comes 
> to applying what I'm learning to real world situations because I seem 
> to be missing something important.  I haven't figured out how to know 
> learn what to use in a given situation.  I do a lot of UNIX shell 
> scripting, and I'll often find myself saying, "ok, if this were a 
> shell script, I'd use the suchandsuch command", but I don't know what 
> to do in C++.  I haven't found a good way to learn what's in specific 
> libraries and how to use what's there.  I've come up with a pile of 
> simple working programs based on examples I've seen, but when I get to 
> wanting to do something I don't see in an example, I'm stuck.  A lot 
> of what I do in my work is working with text files and manipulating 
> text.  A lot of awk, grep, sed, arrays and such.  Could anyone point 
> me to where to look to learn what I need to know to do these kinds of 
> things?
> I know questions like this sometimes raise the ire of the more 
> advanced list members on any list.  (One of my all-time favorite posts 
> on this or any list was when someone asked why this list was so quiet 
> and someone else responded "because we already know everything".)  
> It's not my intention to start a fire-fight or anything, and I'm not 
> asking for anyone to teach me anything.  All I'm really hoping for is 
> for someone to explain to me the best way for me to teach myself how 
> to do this...
> Thanks in advance!
> John Pavao

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