[LC++]check throws

Peter Poulsen peter_poulsen at stofanet.dk
Thu Apr 4 22:25:05 UTC 2002

What I want is that if I write in the declaration of a method that it 
throws one or more exceptions, then all calls to this method must be 
peformed withing a try block.

Shaul Karl wrote:

>>Is there anyway that I can get the gnu compiler to check for throws
>>(like in java). I know that this is not standard C++, but I was hoping
>>that GNU could have implemented something anyway.
> I do not know Java but throw is a standard feature of C++. I believe it is intended for handling exception situations but could be exploited for other matters. And it is implemented by GNU, at least by the newer gcc versions.
> Perhaps you would like to post some more details?

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