[LC++]Parse error before }

Dan hursh hursh at sparc.isl.net
Sun Jul 29 13:46:05 UTC 2001

    It's hard to debug this without seeing the offending code, but it
means that something before the '}' on or before the line it's griping
about (it did give a line # right?) confused it.  Did you forget a ';' or
something before it?


On Sat, 28 Jul 2001, gosh larous wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have written a C++ program under linux. I first ./configure my program
> and then make it. Then I get an error that I never encounter before
> "Parse error before '}' " Can anybody help me with this weird problem.
> How can I correct my program? Why I get this message? Thank you a lot in
> advance. 
> cheers,
> Gosh

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