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Leigh Brenecki contact at pycon.org.au
Wed Apr 8 17:02:32 AEST 2020

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Hi folks.

As you might have guessed, PyCon AU will not be held at the Adelaide
Convention Centre this August. Instead, we’re going to be holding PyConline AU which will be, as the name suggests, an online event.

PyCon AU is two things. It is an excellent, high quality educational
event that brings Pythonistas together to teach and learn from each 
other, but it is also an important social event where genuine and 
valuable friendships are made and strengthened. The team and I are going
to spend the next few months doing as much as we can to bring both of 
those facets to an online event. We’re still discussing ideas for 
exactly how, but it’s really important to us that PyConline is more than
just a really long webinar.

This is also going to be a difficult and unpredictable few months 
for all of us. But an online event gives us a lot more flexibility 
compared to an in person event. Whether you’re presenting, running a 
track, or on the core team, one thing we absolutely do not want is for 
you to feel like you’re letting the team down, simply because you need 
to look after yourself or those you love. So we’re going to use that 
flexibility to structure the event so that whatever your role, whenever 
you need to, you can do what you need, and the show will go on.

I also want to thank the core team for being awesome, the PyCon AU 
Steering Committee and Linux Australia Council for having our backs, the
Adelaide Convention Centre for being great to work with in a difficult 
time, and Buildkite for sponsoring PyCon AU 2020 early and sticking with
us for PyConline AU.

To end on a positive note, I want to tell you about the things that are coming up next!

We haven’t forgotten about specialist tracks! There were some 
awesome proposals, and we’re really looking forward to sharing with you 
the ones that we selected.
We’ll hold our call for proposals soon! To find out when that happens, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up to our mailing list—although it looks like you're sorted on that front!
We’ll also release a PyConline sponsorship prospectus! When we 
do we’ll let you know on the above channels, but you can also email us 
at sponsorship at pycon.org.au to express interest, or even to start sorting out a custom sponsorship package just for you!

Stay safe,

Leigh Brenecki
she/her or they/them
Conference Director
PyCon AU

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