[PHPwestoz] Posting from multiple addresses

Adrian Gould Ady at kiltotter.com
Fri Jan 7 01:59:02 UTC 2005


The XAMPP system is probably the best one I have seen at installing the WAMP
system, in fact it ran smoothly on an XP Pro and a Win2k3 installations very
easily, so long as you do not have IIS running first [or you at least change
the IIS ports to something else as we know we all hate IIS - LOL]  :)


I like the XAMPP system, it has proved to be a lot less cumbersome than some
of the WAMP installations.


On 07/01/2005 00:51, "Evan Barter" <evan at wiredcity.com.au> wrote:

> Timothy White wrote:
>> On the side. Anyone have much luck getting PHP 4/5 onto Apache 2 on
>> WinXP?
>> I tried some time back and failed dismally. It runs fine under Debian
>> though
> Running PHP 5.02 on Apache2, XP Home. Although I... kind of cheated and
> used an XAMPP installer.
> You wouldn't happen to be the same Tim White who attends/attended CCC,
> would you?

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