[PHPwestoz] Posting from multiple addresses

Evan Barter evan at wiredcity.com.au
Fri Jan 7 00:53:01 UTC 2005

Timothy White wrote:

> Hmmm. Well first we need to get PHP installed on most of their computers
> to give them reason to use the list.
> Otherwise you could say the entire state of PHP related users?
> On the side. Anyone have much luck getting PHP 4/5 onto Apache 2 on 
> WinXP?
> I tried some time back and failed dismally. It runs fine under Debian 
> though
> Tim
> p.s. If need be, /when/ I get ADSL I could be a list admin

Running PHP 5.02 on Apache2, XP Home. Although I... kind of cheated and 
used an XAMPP installer.

You wouldn't happen to be the same Tim White who attends/attended CCC, 
would you?

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