[PHPwestoz] E-Commerce backing

Sol sol at terminus.net.au
Tue Jan 4 15:37:02 UTC 2005

> Wondering who y'all have dealt with for the credit cards and other 
> financial messiness behind a website. I'm particularly interested in 
> getting as local as possible consistent with good terms.

Jeremy of Terminus fame put me onto Eway. I'm in the process of setting
something up with them as is my brother with his firm. I'd say they
satisfy your criteria, and they seem cheaper than Paymate. They also
provide good support for quite a few open source cms packages, and
provide xml code you can use in your site - and can tamper with - which
works with their gateway. And they're Ozzies! Fully sic mate!



> I'm also totally uninterested in sites which have local (to my site) 
> black-box components; I'd rather spend a day dinking with open 
> interfaces than instantly set up a pig in a poke.
> Other features I'd like are:
>  * easy to distinguish between sites if you're running several
>    sites through the same broker;
>  * low or no set-up cost for smaller independent clients;
>  * non-ripoff rates (up to a few percent per transaction plus any
>    credit card fees but preferably less);
>  * Ability to cope automatically with EFTPOS and direct-debit
>    payments as well as Visa/MasterCard (couldn't care less about
>    Amex).
> Cheers; Leon
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