[PHPwestoz] CMSs/web applications - opinions?

Sol sol at terminus.net.au
Tue Jan 4 15:32:02 UTC 2005

I've spent far too much time looking at CMS's for my own good. I used to
be a believer in the all-in-one approach of cms's like Mambo and Zope.
But whilst these types of cms's do everything (well, nearly) they don't
often do anything really well. So these days I use web apps that are
suited to their purpose - eg: phpbb for forums, serendipity for
blogging, squirrelmail for webmail, and so on. When moving forward with
a site, I don't ask first "What software should I use?", but rather,
"What do I want this site to do?" When it comes to web apps it's horses
for courses IMO, and each web app and cms has been created to meet a
certain set of needs. 

So when it comes to determining the functionality of the cms you're
building, what do you want it to do? :)

You may find this site interesting: http://www.cmsmatrix.org/matrix


> This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.
> I'm out to write my own CMS, and before you say "you and every other 
> person..." i want you to know it's something different.
> something based on a truly granular permission system from phpBB 2.1.x, 
> using advanced user/group functionality - but what makes it different is 
> it's object and advanced JIT caching system. This is not just a CMS but 
> a web application framework that scales from the most basic user wanting 
> a simply page-based site to a complex multi-functionality commercial 
> site with forums/groupware/webmail/etc.
> I'm looking for ideas as to what functionality will be required 
> (although I have a fairly good idea) and wondered if you guys have any 
> favourite CMSs/web applications with special functionality that you 
> think should be incorporated.
> Thanks,
> -- Samuel Cochran
>    sj26 at sj26.com
>    +61 4 15441909

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