[PHPwestoz] E-Commerce backing

Nicolas Connault nicou at sweetpeadesigns.com.au
Tue Jan 4 14:49:02 UTC 2005

Leon Brooks wrote:

>Wondering who y'all have dealt with for the credit cards and other 
>financial messiness behind a website. I'm particularly interested in 
>getting as local as possible consistent with good terms.
>I'm also totally uninterested in sites which have local (to my site) 
>black-box components; I'd rather spend a day dinking with open 
>interfaces than instantly set up a pig in a poke.
>Other features I'd like are:
> * easy to distinguish between sites if you're running several
>   sites through the same broker;
> * low or no set-up cost for smaller independent clients;
> * non-ripoff rates (up to a few percent per transaction plus any
>   credit card fees but preferably less);
> * Ability to cope automatically with EFTPOS and direct-debit
>   payments as well as Visa/MasterCard (couldn't care less about
>   Amex).
>Cheers; Leon
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Personally, with our little growing business, we can't yet afford the 
SSL certificate, so we found some alternatives: we are registered with 
B-PAY, which costs nothing to set up and only charge a modest fee per 
transaction, and we also use PayPal, which also doesn't rip you off. 
These solutions enable your customers to pay online using their credit 
cards (in a bank deposit kind of way, they need to do it through their 
banking institution if they use B-PAY).

I'll let you know when we move onto SSL transactions.


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