[Linux-aus] RIP LCA (or should I say "Vale LCA"?) and thanks.

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Fri Sep 30 17:50:23 AEST 2022

On Fri, 30 Sept 2022 at 11:21, Steven Ellis via linux-aus <
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> Personally I'm hoping this becomes an addition rather than a replacement.
> LCA has such a strong level of brand recognition, and it would be a shame
> to lose that.

It has been a decade or so since I was a member of the Linux Australia
Council, but way back then we had a robust debate about the fact that our
community was no longer just about Linux. Much discussion about how to
frame the organisation and its support of conferences spawned huge
argume... er.. discussions.

I am no longer privy to the inner workings of Linux Australia, but if you
follow the published link to the nascent conference web site, I think you
will see that the EO conf supplants LCA.

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