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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Thu Sep 22 15:40:10 AEST 2022

On Wednesday, 21 September 2022 18:19:35 AEST James Cameron via linux-aus 
> An old faithful home system died.  Power supply.  Lab DNS, DHCP,
> firewall, and a DVB-T recorder.  So sad, but hey, 11 years was good.
> What is a reasonable replacement these days?  Requirements;
> - will run Linux, customer installed,

Problemmatic hardware with Linux is generally only new video cards, cheap USB 
devices, and generally other new/cheap things.  Any modern AMD64 system will 
run Linux and if it has PCI slots will take the existing hardware.

> - quiet; on a remote farm there's no traffic noise to mask fans,

Does the previous system have hard drives or SSDs?  If you replace a system 
with hard drives with a system that has SSDs then making it suitably quiet 
shouldn't be difficult.

> - two ethernet ports,

Everything has one Ethernet port on the motherboard and PCI and PCIe Ethernet 
devices are cheap.

> - a PCI slot for an old DVB-T card, Leadtek WinFast DTV1000 T, cx2388x
>   kernel module ... or advice on a replacement four-channel receiver.

I suggest not replacing that card, that would just add more work for yourself.  
Get an older system with both PCI and PCIe slots and it will be fine.

A system that has PCI slots will probably be about 11 years old, so you will 
probably have about the same speed of system as you previously had if the 
previous was bought new.

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