[Linux-aus] USB-C chargers

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Mon Nov 28 17:57:49 AEDT 2022


I have a Thinkpad Carbon X1 Gen5 which shipped with a 65W USB-C PSU and which 
runs well with a 45W USB-C PSU.  The above advert and others like it imply 
that 30W is adequate to power that laptop.


Kogan offered some deals on GaN chargers, the above is the one that's still on 
sale, they also had a 30W one for $10 which I bought expecting it to work with 
my Thinkpad, but it didn't.

How do I work out why the charger didn't work?  If I buy the 68W version of 
that charger is it likely to work?  Could it be the USB-C - USB-C cables that 
I used (I tested 3 cables of different brands from my collection)?

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