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49" ultrawide curved monitor, equivalent to two 27" joined at their 
side. It's fantastic, I should have bought it years earlier. I would 
buy another one tomorrow if it was gone. It does split screen with 2 
inputs if you wanted to do that. There's really no reason to buy two 
27". Great for coding while doing the normal office work all at the 
same time. Good exercise for the neck as head turning is required!

Not having the join in the middle makes the monitor considerably more 
useful than two monitors, I spent years working with 2. You have so 
much more flexibility on laying out your windows, and can have your 
main focus right in the middle if you want. With a monitor like this 
windows hardly ever get maximised - but it is unbeatable for wide 

Mine is driven from a laptop and I have the inbuilt display as my 
second screen, I use for stuff that I can glance at but doesn't need my 
attention, then usually I flick the windows across to the biggie to 
read them.

I've been around long enough to start with 12" green screen monitors 
and black and white TVs that were deeper than they were wide. I've 
never bought a TV or monitor that I thought later was too big. I will 
keep buying bigger ones until that day happens!


On Tue, May 31 2022 at 21:32:56 +1000, Russell Coker via linux-aus 
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> Has anyone had experience with a monitor larger than 40" on their 
> desktop?
> Currently Dell has a 27" USB-C monitor for $422 and a 32" monitor for 
> $594
> while Kogan has a 43" for $799 and I'm thinking of what to buy in 
> July.
> My wife's monitor broke and my plan is to buy myself a new monitor 
> and give
> her my Samsung 28" 4K monitor (which is higher spec than her previous
> monitor).
> USB-C monitors are ones that can supply USB-C power to a laptop while 
> also
> having keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor as a USB hub.  It's
> basically all the functionality of what used to be a laptop 
> docking-station in
> a monitor with a single cable.  It would be quite handy to have that
> functionality as a laptop with USB-C is on my shopping list too.
> <https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship>
> According to the above article you want a TV to take up 30 degrees of 
> vision,
> but for a monitor it's probably a lot more as you focus on the window 
> that
> needs your attention.  Based on resolution and size according to that 
> article
> a 43" 4K "TV" would be best at a distance of 80-160cm with the 
> minimum being
> based on not seeing individual pixels.  For a monitor you don't need 
> to not
> see pixels IMHO, just need to have enough of them to clearly represent
> letters.  So maybe 43" would be a good size.  It seems like a lot, 
> but when I
> had a 17" monitor on my desk any larger than that seemed excessive...
> Another possibility is getting multiple monitors.  For a long time I 
> have been
> unconvinced of the benefits of multiple monitors, but now I'm working 
> at a
> company where there's a USB-C dock at every desk with 2 monitors and 
> I've got
> used to working with 2 monitors in addition to a laptop display.  If 
> I bought
> 2 of those 27" USB-C monitors I could have them both on my desktop 
> system most
> of the time and connect one to a laptop on occasion when I needed to. 
>  Linux
> has really good support for dynamic plugging of monitors nowadays and 
> 2*27"
> gives me twice the pixels and 3/4 the area of a 32" monitor for about 
> the same
> price.
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