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On Wednesday, 25 May 2022 11:55:37 AEST Russell Coker via linux-aus wrote:
> Is there any good FOSS solution for monitoring a fleet of laptops?  I want

Thanks for the answers to my question about laptop monitoring, I will try some 
of those later.  While investigating them I found netdata which is in Debian 
and provides a nice web page with metrics of a system which is calculated in 
RAM with a small amount of CPU so doesn't interfere with performance - it 
doesn't do what I need for this issue but might help me solve some unrelated 

I'm working for a company that is going for enterprise support etc and Ubuntu 
is chosen as THE Linux platform.


I have learned about Ubuntu Landscape which is a system for monitoring package 
updates etc for a fleet of Ubuntu systems just like Red Hat Satellite does for 
RHEL systems.  The SaaS version of Landscape is $1c per machine per hour which 
is $87.60 per annum for 24*7 systems and something a bit more than $20 per 
annum for work laptops if they don't charge for off time.  The on-premises 
version of Landscape is included with an Ubuntu Advantage support 


According to this page the basic "support" is $25/desktop.  For real support 
(where you can phone them and get help) it's $150/desktop for business hours 
and $300/desktop for 24*7 support.  I just checked Red Hat's web site for 
comparison and saw that the actual support starts at $299!


The above page says "you are entitled to the following coverage, depending on 
the appropriate package (Essential, Standard, or Advanced) on a per-machine 
basis" which seems to mean that I could have the more important machines on 
$150 or $300 support levels and have most machines on $25.  If that's the case 
then it should be easy to get management to pay for it, if it has to be $150 
for each system to get real support then it will be more of a challenge.

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