[Linux-aus] laptop monitoring

James Callahan james at wavesquid.com
Wed May 25 13:52:08 AEST 2022

On 25/5/22 11:55, Russell Coker via linux-aus wrote:
> Is there any good FOSS solution for monitoring a fleet of laptops?  I want to
> check that they have security updates installed (ie the unattended-updates
> package in Debian/Ubuntu is doing what is expected) and that they are applied
> (rebooted in the case of kernel updates).  Also checking for other things like
> disk space usage would be good.  The data should be sent to a server via some
> secure method (HTTPS or XMPP) and then be searchable.
> Basically something similar to MS Endpoint Manager.
> Any suggestions?

Use grafana agent (https://grafana.com/docs/agent/latest/) on the 
machines, which embeds various prometheus exporters like node_exporter 
which can write to a remote prometheus store (which can be prometheus 
itself, or something like mimir), as well as promtail, which allows for 
sending logs to a loki (which is a log collection/search system).

Grafana (the company) offer a cloud-hosted mimir+loki if you don't want 
to run them yourself; but I find it pretty to easy to run inside of 

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