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Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Mar 29 17:57:51 AEDT 2022

On Tuesday, 29 March 2022 09:57:54 AEDT Ashley via linux-aus wrote:
> I'm not sure which list to put this on but:
> I have 3 computers Running Linux Mint:-

What version of Linux Mint?  Same version on all of them?

> An old Lenovo gen 2 core i5 with 12 GB RAM which seems to run everything
> perfectly

What video card?

> A new intel pentium gold 4-core machine with 16 GB Ram which often is
> unable to display pictures in Facebook with the latest version of both
> Firefox and Chromium and

What video card?

> A new Ryzon 5 3600 with 32 GB RAM and an nVidia 710 video card which
> also has the same display problem with Firefox and Chromium.

I gave up on nVidia cards, they always had problems.  Nouveau was never 
reliable for me and running the proprietary kernel modules was a security 
issue and would have restricted my choice of kernel.

> All three have some form of 256GB solid state drive as a primary and a
> One TB sata HDD.
> I tried running SUSE 15 on the Ryzon but it locks up occasionally and
> forces me to use a hard reboot.

Tried running Memtest86+?

The machine I'm using now is a HP ML110 Gen9 and my wife's machine is a Dell 
T320.  Using ECC RAM for everything that's important reduces the strange 
lockup issues.

> Note: the message on the page says to get a later version of the browser
> or restart it. I have the latest versions and restarting achieves nothing.

Which web page?

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