[Linux-aus] please move technical support issues to another list

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Sat Jun 11 12:52:07 AEST 2022

On 11/6/22 11:09, Richard Meyer via linux-aus wrote:
> As for Ashley, you beat me to Linux bay a few years, I started with Slackware in 1995 (I even found 
> a book on Yggdrassil in my local bookshop (with a CD), in about 1996, but by that time it was 

Ok, a bragging competition on who used Linux first. I had a slate disk recovered from a pyramid. The 
disk had Linux as 9 lines of source code. That version of the kernel supported antimatter as used in 
the USS Enterprise but not 8K video. :-(

I did test the first floppy disk with Slackware back in 1892 but the first stable Debian was the 
first Linux usable on any of my machines for all the tasks I needed. I really liked a later Debian 
with the full set of 3,798 floppies that started the install with "Do you want fries with that".

Well, maybe not quite those words. There was a list of options like File server, Print server, 
Espresso, Vegan, etc. I must have set up hundreds of servers using that set.

Linux Mint is my current choice on the desktop. Despite all the lite versions for servers, I find it 
is easier to install a full GUI distribution on a server and use the GUI for config, maintenance, etc.

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