[Linux-aus] 4K monitor sizes

Peter Nunn pnunn at intq.it
Wed Jun 1 11:09:09 AEST 2022

I'm using an XPS-15 with a 4K OLED on a dock with a Dell S3221QS curved
4K and the experiences is pretty good once I worked out the magic
xrandr incantation to scale them correctly (this was a 32" flat Dell 4K
but that was stolen by my daughter).

I've done the same thing with an XPS-13 using wayland which also works
well, but not enough stuff runs properly with wayland yet to use it for
my daily drive.

Wayland is MUCH easier to set up, and I think does the scaling better
(seems to be a it crisper) though so I often switch back and froward on
the 15 as well.

Getting two hdi monitors working at different scale on linux is still
an interesting exercise that's for sure.


On Wed, 2022-06-01 at 10:39 +1000, Colin Fee via linux-aus wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Jun 2022 at 09:33, Info via linux-aus
> <linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:
> > 55"
> > 
> > Useful for editing videos then seeing them as the viewer sees them.
> > 
> > I found a big screen useful when working on something on a table.
> > Hang the big screen on the wall at 
> > the other end of the table.
> > 
> > For everything else, it was too big. I use a 32" and would look at
> > something slightly bigger but not 
> > much. For people using reading glasses, there is a working visual
> > range which limits the useful size 
> > of the screen.
> > 
> > For writing, two vertical screens gives you one for your novel or
> > program and the other at the side 
> > for email, todo lists, and code tests.
> > 
> > Peter
> > 
> Yep, agree with Peter here re the glasses.  I'm long sighted so I
> need to wear my glasses to work at my computer etc. 
> I bought a Dell 32" 4k curved monitor during a sale early last year
> but had to return it as the ppi at 139 was under a sweet spot that
> meant everything looked just slightly fuzzy to me. My eyes were
> constantly trying to focus it into sharpness and it gave me
> headaches.  I think the magic number is about 160 ppi, any less and I
> find them difficult to use.  Right now I'm sitting in front of my HP
> Z27 27" 4k that has 163 ppi.  I can't see the pixels, everything is
> smooth and crisp. c.f with Apple retina displays that are crica 220
> ppi.
> I found overtime when using 2 x 24" monitors I was never using the
> full real estate of the individual monitors i.e. the outer 1/3 was
> unused, so I switched to a single 27" of higher resolution and
> adjust app window sizes to suit so I can have 2 - 3 things open and
> work effectively.
> My 27" sits just out of arm's length and fill most of my FoV.  I have
> my laptop sitting on a custom stand I made as a 2nd screen for things
> that don't require my attention.
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