[Linux-aus] You should nominate for Council!

Sae Ra Germaine s.germaine at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 18:05:08 AEDT 2021

Dear All,

TL;DR Nominate for Council if you’re interested in contributing to the FOSS

As you will have seen, the Call for Nominations for Linux Australia Council
has gone out, you have until December 30 to nominate. I would like to
encourage anyone who has considered nominating to do so today and if you
have any questions please do sing out. I'm happy to discuss any questions
or concerns you may have.

I thought I would come out early and let everyone know that after 8 years
on Council I have decided to not re-stand for Council this year. I had made
the decision some time ago and began the handover process to Council about
August of this year.

Being on Council has been a rewarding experience and I would highly
encourage contributing to this community by nominating. Linux Australia is
in good stead to continue to be a strong presence representing Linux and
Open Source in Australia. But, to do this we need more hands on deck. So
please consider this a call to action. Linux Australia needs more
volunteers to make light work and for new ideas, thoughts, opinions,
contributions, and drive.

I will be open here and say that I will be nominating Joel Addison for
President next year. This year Joel has been a fantastic support to me and
has shown so much dedication for this community. He has stepped up more
times than I can count and I think (if elected) he is more than qualified
to lead and represent this community going forward.

Council and Linux Australia have been a significant part of my life for the
past 8 years and letting go may not be easy so whilst I’m not standing
again for Council, I will still be here to support Linux Australia in any
way that I possibly can.

The 8 years on council have flown by so quickly but it truly has been an
honour to be on Council for all these years. I would like to thank all of
the community who have put their trust in me during this time. It has been
an absolute privilege and an honour to serve this Community.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who are currently or were previously on
Council with me and to those on subcommittees who I have worked with. We
have been through many ups and downs but you have all helped contribute to
making this Community one of the best communities I have the pleasure of
being part of. Your hard work and dedication to us is to be commended
(especially the last 2 years) and the community is very lucky to have you
supporting them.

Hopefully I will see you all in some form or another soon, but I do hope to
see your lovely faces at LCA 2022 Online and if you can, I would love to
see you at the Linux Australia AGM on the 15th of January.

Stay safe and well,

Sae Ra Germaine
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