[Linux-aus] EOI for Online Open Source Developers Conference?

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Sep 15 20:11:53 AEST 2020

On Tuesday, 15 September 2020 6:18:42 PM AEST Arjen Lentz via linux-aus wrote:
> Just gauging whether there might be interest in an Online OSDC ?

Great idea!

The LUV server can probably host up to 60VMs for running hands-on training 
(depending on the resources required for each one).  We can distribute images 
for people to run their own VMs, but that involves support for various 
virtualisation issues.  So I think the best result for training is to have VMs 
setup for people who want it and make the images available for anyone who 
wants to run it on their own hardware (who probably won't need help).

Giving an effective lecture on a video conference is a specific skill.  I gave 
my first video lecture at a LUV online meeting a few weeks ago and it didn't 
go that well.  I've had a lot of practice at giving Linux lectures, but my 
usual style doesn't work well when I can't see the audience.  I think there 
are two broad ways of giving a lecture, one is to plan out every aspect of it 
and give a well rehearsed performance (like a TED talk), the other is to not 
try to predict every aspect of how the audience understands the concepts and 
to go into more detail on the things that they seem confused about - which 
doesn't work well if you can't see them.

The tradition of university lectures was established before video cameras were 
invented.  Does it make sense to follow that tradition of having the lecturer 
speak live without being interrupted for ~30 minutes and then have questions 
afterwards when they aren't in the same room as the delegates?  Would it make 
more sense to play a pre-recorded video and then have Q/A live?

What type of IM should we use?  Matrix?  Should we set that up now so we can 
use it for planning things?

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