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Software Freedom Day - 19th of September 2020

Free Software Melbourne and Linux Users Victoria are celebrating the 
17th annual Software Freedom Day celebrations in Melbourne. We will 
present a range of leaders in the Free-Software community that will talk 
about the importance of Free-Software to a free society.

The SFD celebration will kickoff with what is "Free and Open Source 
Software" and why is it so important for a modern, digital society. 
We'll be hearing from leading contributors and organizers of companies 
building businesses around Free and Open Source projects. We're also 
going to talk about the ethics of software development and the 
advantages of building a prosthetic using open hardware. There is also 
the opportunity for networking opportunities in our general FLOSS chat 
room during the day.

Time Table:
10:00am - Welcome and Introductions
10:15am - What is Free Software?
11:00am - Dr Morgan Leigh - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
12:00pm - FLOSS Chat Room / Lunch Break
1:30pm - Lightning Talks
2:30pm - Kathy Reid - Good, better, breast: Building a sensing 
mastectomy prosthetic with open hardware
3:30pm - Frank Karlitschek - How Nextcloud stayed productive during 
COVID-19 and how others did the same
4:30pm - Mike Saunders & Italo Vignoli -  LibreOffice: great history, 
great future

Participation is both free and liberating. Software Freedom Day is a 
family friendly event welcoming to anyone, pass on the word to help make 
it a great day. We have a code of conduct available on our website, but 
in short: Be respectful, Be inclusive and Be aware.

Hope to see you all online for our most exciting Software Freedom Day yet!

Date: Saturday the 19th of September 2020
Time: Talks starting at 10:00am and wrapping up about 6:00pm
Location: Online with Big Blue Button - Main Talk Room: 
<https://bbb.freesoftware.org.au/b/fsm-hbo-gf9-43s> - Community Chat 
Room: https://bbb.freesoftware.org.au/b/fsm-dxk-cs1-2ct 
Meeting Tips: Mute microphone when not speaking. Headsets recommended to 
reduce feedback if you will be speaking. If you are having difficulty 
hearing or being heard there is a chat stream available. If you want to 
ask a question during the presentation either ask it in the chat or use 
the “raise hand” button.
Code of Conduct: http://freesoftware.org.au/code-of-conduct/ 

Links and further information:
- Blog: 
- Meetup: 
- SFD Australia: http://www.sfd.org.au
- SFD Global: 


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