[Linux-aus] First LUV Social Media WG Meeting

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Wed Oct 28 18:23:23 AEDT 2020


On Saturday at midday Australian eastern daylight time (+11:00 time zone), 
that is 01:00 UTC we will have the first meeting of the LUV Social Media 
Working Group.  This is for programmers and sysadmins who want to work on 
implementing FOSS social media technologies for the use of LUV members.

There are many reasons for wanting to avoid the commercial social media sites, 
but to do so we need viable alternatives.  The aim of this group is to 
implement some of the alternatives and see if we can get them to a stage where 
they are useful.  We will document what we do and make public instances of 
things that we determine to be worth using.

At a later date we will have a meeting to present the results of our work to 
LUV members.  This meeting is for programmers and sysadmins, everyone will get 
SSH access to a KVM virtual machine and can setup test instances of software.

While this meeting is LUV focussed there's no reason why people from outside 
Victoria can't join in.  Whatever technologies we decide to run as an ongoing 
service will be available for the free use of anyone in the FOSS community in 

The time specified on the event page is 4 hours, that's just a made up number.  
No-one is going to get kicked off, if you want to keep working for more than 4 
hours that's fine.  VMs that don't end up doing useful things will be shut 
down at the end, VMs that have useful services will keep running for further 

Contact me off-list if you want your VM running before Saturday.

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