[Linux-aus] Matrix (was: Operation Anzacathon is go!)

martin f krafft madduck at madduck.net
Mon May 4 11:09:02 AEST 2020

Regarding the following, written by "Ben McGinnes" on 2020-05-04 at 00:42 Uhr +0000:
>I haven't used a specific IM client in a few years (not counting 
>group chat things like Discord, Slack, and IRC).  Is Matrix 
>effectively the successor to XMPP?

The team answers this question somewhat in [their 
but for most intents and purposes, and without trying to offend XMPP 
folks, I'd say: yes. Matrix probably can't do much what XMPP doesn't 
also do, but it's easier to get up and running to a modern standard 
(media, multi-device, encryption, real-time voice/video), and has a 
stronger governance behind it.

Best to just try it out. Get a matrix.org account using 
[Riot.im](https://riot.im/app/#/) or the Riot app (Android, iOS). 
There are also other servers to choose from, for instance ones on 
[this list](https://www.hello-matrix.net/public_servers.php). You 
can also use `matrix.madduck.net` if you want.

To me, the best thing about Matrix is the concept of 
[bridges](https://matrix.org/bridges), which tie in other protocols, 
so you can also use Matrix to interact with the poor sods on Slack, 
or Discord users, or even some of the (other) proprietary 
surveillance shit that comes out of Silicon Valley.

Good luck,

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