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Regarding the following, written by "Ben McGinnes via linux-aus" on 2020-05-01 at 02:21 Uhr +0000:
>> Maybe consider signal (www.signal.org) as the comms platform. It's 
>> secure,
>That depends entirely on your threat model.  While I have no reason to 
>doubt the strenth of the cryptographic functions it contains, there 
>are potential problems with the protocol design.  Not least of which 
>being that it requires all users share their mobile number with 
>everyone else, which may not be appropriate for their individual 

That, and the fact that they enforce a proprietary, centralised 
server, and while there is source code, the clients aren't built 
reproducibly, and so you can't actually tell what you're running.

Matrix is completely open-source, under foundation control, and 
federated. Just use that ;)

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