[Linux-aus] RIP Planet LA

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Sat Dec 12 03:42:41 AEDT 2020


Thank you for doing this work.  While not a reader of Planet Linux Australia I am sure that someone will appreciate you saving the wheat from the chaff, and perhaps some new people will become aware of some treasures in those posts.

> On 12/11/2020 2:46 AM Francois Marier via linux-aus <linux-aus at lists.linux.org.au> wrote:
> For anybody who was still reading Planet Linux Australia when it shut down a
> few weeks ago [0], I've put together a list of all of the feeds that still
> work:
>   https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/list-planet-linux-australia-blogs/
> You should be able to import the .opml file directly into your favourite
> feed reader and start pulling down the individual blogs directly.
> It might be worth updating the shutdown announcement blog post with a link
> to the above for the benefit of people who might want to recover the list of
> blogs that were still there when the site was switched off.
> Big thanks to the folks who setup and maintained this service over the
> years!
> Francois
> [0] https://linux.org.au/saying-farewell-to-planet-linux-australia/
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> https://fmarier.org/
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